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GiGi Hatcher, Motivational Speaker

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GiGi Hatcher | Co-Author


I am thrilled to be one of the featured authors in the newly published book, Prayers in My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Peace by acclaimed author, Nadine Roberts Cornish. This book is filled with heartfelt prayers and stories intended to help anyone navigate the complex emotions of caregiving.


GiGi Hatcher | Speaker Bio


GiGi Hatcher is the CEO & Founder of Etiquette on the Runway-elite, a Christian based, Life Skills/Etiquette program that offers "confidence-building" training to teens, ages 13 to 18 years old. Mrs. Hatcher is honored to be named the award winner of the 2019 “Colorado Legacy Award” recently presented at the famous Ellie Caulkins Opera House, by the Mrs. Colorado America Organization.

This up and coming author of "Bullied to Success" was recognized for her exemplary dedication and hard work within the community. GiGi is most proud of her company being named “America’s Favorite Business in the Country, by Google and her recognition of the “Strong Women Leaders Making a Difference in our Community- Award”. Mrs. Hatcher is a tremendous Motivational Speaker in her community and a well known Youth Advocate and Mentor who shares her story about how she was a product of physical and mental bullying, as well as suicidal ideation, but still pushed her way through. She enjoys being a voice for our teens and strongly believes in saving them from Bullying, Teen Suicide and Substance Abuse. The previous model/actress, turned Youth Advocate and Mentor is originally from Los Angeles, CA and currently resides in Denver, CO. 

GiGi Hatcher | Most Popular Presentations


GiGi is a phenomenal Motivational Speaker in the areas of Life Skills, Confidence Building, Anti Bullying, Suicidal Ideation, Managing Social Media, and much more! Her gift to inspire, uplift and motivate every spirit in the room is amazing and inspiring!

Mrs GiGi's relentless energy is definitely felt throughout any audience or crowd as she makes a believer that YOU CAN & that YOU MATTER!

Building Your Confidence as a Teen


* You have 3 SECONDS to impress the Employer, when you walk           through that door and before you open your mouth

* The way that you walk into the room MATTERS!

* Stand up STRAIGHT, Sit up STRAIGHT and be a LADY!

* Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people

Understanding S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Justice High School

* What are your short term and long term goals as a teen/as an             adult in school or professionally?

* Defining and using SMART your life....very IMPORTANT!

* Let's TALK!

Suicidal Ideation & Bullying, Amongst Our Teens

Martin Luther King Library

* What is Suicidal Ideation?

* Why are we losing our Teens?

* Listen to what the Teen is saying to you and act immediatley!

* Let's TALK!

What Does Your Etiquette Look Like ... as A Woman

The Women's Diamond Workshop

* You are always on the runway, even at the Grocery Market

* How do you carry yourself...slouch over when you walk?

* How is your presentation as a woman?

* Are you dressed for the occasion?

* How's your Health and Fitness?

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