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Etiquette on the Runway - elite


About ERE

Etiquette on the Runway, LLC is a Christian based, confidence-building, program that offers etiquette skills to teens. Our “Award Winning” program, named, “Favorite Business in the Country”, by GOOGLE, diligently supports and mentors teens from all areas of Colorado, ages 13-18 years old. Our goal and mission is to help build confidence and leadership skills within our teens, as we train them to become polished young ladies and young men.  If selected to participate in our program, they are educated in the following areas:

Public Speaking, Anti-Bullying, Interviewing Skills, Health & Fitness, Poise & Posture, Being aware of your surroundings (Human Trafficking), Teen-Drug Addiction/Substance Abuse, Teen-Suicidal Ideation, Managing Social Media, Hair Care & Skin Care.




Q: What should I expect?

A: Definitely expect to have a FUN time with us while you learn!!


Q: What should I do if I miss a training class?

A:  We miss you when you are not here! Please contact our Operations Manager,

Ms GiGi or CFO, Mr. Mark at 303-371-6340 as soon as you are aware that you will

be missing a training day with us.  You will then be provided with a “make-up” date

as soon as one becomes available.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to us here at Etiquette on

the Runway that you get all of the training that you deserve in order for you to become successful


Q: What should I wear to class?

A:  ALWAYS come to training as if you were actually coming to an audition!  Look through “Teen Magazine” “Vogue” and other fashion oriented books that will for sure give you great tips and ideas!  Please DO NOT wear jeans, sweat pants, sweat shirts, flip flops or tennis shoes!  Ideas: bright colors are always fun! Accessories are great! Leopard prints, zebra prints, anything fun and age appropriate is awesome!! Color jeans are okay…as long as they are not “blue jeans”. 


Q: How high should my heels be?

A: DO NOT wear heels that you are NOT comfortable walking in.  Start with a “low” heel and work your way up!  After all it is our job to teach you how to walk in them! (smile) ALWAYS bring your “runway“ heels with you or you may wear them to training.  You always want to come prepared. Make sure your heels have a back on them and please avoid “slip on” type shoes or heels for training.


Q: What do I bring to training?

A: Pencil and pad is a great start!  IF you would like to bring your own mascara, lip gloss, foundation/powder, make-up brushes, hairbrush, comb and wash cloth, you certainly may do so.  If you do not own these items, we will certainly provide you with them!


Q: How long will the training last?

A: Training last five months, every other Saturday.  Your schedule will be in your packet that you received on “audition day”.  You will either attend the morning training from 10am-1pm or afternoon training from 230pm-530pm.

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