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Confidence Matters!

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Motivational Speaker|Confidence Building-Life Skills Mentor|  
Health and Wellness Counselor |Giving Back to the Community

"Some wake up to an Alarm.
Some of us wake up to a Calling." - Anonymous


Mrs. GiGi Hatcher is the CEO & Founder of two businesses; Etiquette on the Runway, LLC a Christian based Life Skills Program that offers Confidence Building tools that assist Women and Teens on how to handle the high demands of the world, with emphasizes on why Confidence is KEY in all that we do. Her second business is named after her late father, Francis Regis Rodney (FRR SVCS), which offers Health and Wellness Counseling Services to help Women and Teens get back on track with life who have suffered from suicidal ideation and challenges in the world after recovery from drug and/or alcohol addictions.

When God summonsed GiGi Hatcher to help Women and Teens through their personal trials and misfortunes, she quickly jumped on board for the assignment!  After all, suicidal ideation and terrifying low self esteem was what she knew first hand as a teen, and believe it or not, also in the early stages of her life as a woman and a mom.   Once she understood the power of CONFIDENCE, it was ON! She is the first minority-owned business woman to operate a Life Skills Counseling Program in Colorado for Women and Teens and in addition to, opening a Health and Wellness Foundation for all teens and women who lack self-confidence, self-motivation, self-care and goal implementation. She is also a Health and Wellness Counselor for Teens and Women going through self discovery after substance use.  Nick named after the community as Mrs. GiGi, she is a Trailblazer in her own right, heavily involved in speaking engagements and community events. 


Mrs. GiGi is the proud recipient of the 2019  “Colorado Legacy Award” recently presented at the famous Ellie Caulkins Opera House for her dedication and hard work within the community. Mrs. GiGi is also the recipient of the “Strong Women Leaders Making a Difference in our Community Award”, as her company was named “America’s Favorite  Business in the Country, by Google.


Mrs. GiGi is a highly respected Motivational Speaker in her community and a Behavioral Psychotherapist, who strongly believes in saving our Women and Youth from Suicide and Substance Abuse (Drugs & Alcohol).

If you are looking to be part of a bigger purpose and help empower our youth with the skills and tools to better handle the world around them, contact us via the form below. One of our team members will reach out soon with more information.

Contact Us

Etiquette on the Runway LLC

Pavilion Tower One

2851 S Parker Rd Ste #750

Aurora CO, 80014

Phone: 303-481-8111


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